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Sustainable BioTech

Biotechnological solutions for tomorrow's society

about usAbout Us

Sustainable BioTech are dedicated to providing biotechnological solutions for tomorrows society, supplying scientifically proven, sustainable horticulture products that improve plant health & soil condition. We provide solutions for a wide range of gardeners – from the conventional indoor grower to the pure organic grower.

We believe in working with nature, promoting a balance and symbiotic relationship between plants and the soil they live in.

We are committed to continued research and scientific development in microbiology, with the goal of developing sustainable products which offer superior results. Sustainable BioTech is pleased to bring you new technologies which combine natural biology and nutrients into a winning combination of products.

With over 10 years’ experience in manufacturing advanced nutrition products and bio-stimulants for the indoor gardening industry we are currently developing organic and organo-mineral solutions for root development, stress recovery, defence biostimulants, natural extracts and growth promotion, providing maximum crop value.